"Michelle did an amazing job assisting me and my family with our wardrobes. I have 10 year old twins and Michelle was able to pull together clothing they needed for school in the cool and warm weather in one shopping spree! And my wardrobe as a working mother was even tougher. Michelle came over once looked at my closet and after going to two stores on one evening she was able to pull together an amazing assembly of clothes for work and for casual and dressy events. I get more compliments on the clothes and jewelry arrangements which Michelle picked out for me. She is so quick to pick up your style and what will look good on you! For a busy person like myself having Michelle help us out in this way was tremendously helpful and affordable! I highly recommend Michelle to assist anyone in their closet and wardrobe needs." -- Anne Marie Hoffman, Sudbury

"I always liked the idea of dressing sharp but had no clue how to do it. Once I started working with Michelle I didn’t have to worry about looking great! Her taste is fantastic, her connections at retail stores are impressive and she even has a nose for bargains. What can I say – now I feel like a stud! She is tons of fun to work with as well. For a very reasonable fee, Michelle makes me stop dreading clothes-shopping and just makes me look good. I hire her regularly and will always know that it is money well spent. Hire her! She will never disappoint you."--Dave, Needham

"I originally hired Michelle for my wife's closet and wardrobe, but after meeting her, talking with her and feeling the energy she brings to her clients, I couldn't help but hire her myself!  As a man, I thought it may be uncomfortable and I was quite hesitant at first, but having Michelle's assistance, keen eye and knowledge of fashion, as well as the ins-and-outs of the stores, saved me time, money and a lot of my own (and my wife's!) energy. Michelle took the time to understand my needs, I was completely comfortable throughout, and I couldn't be happier with her services. Thanks Michelle!" -- R.B., Concord

“I’m so amazed by how quickly you organized my kitchen cabinets!  I just couldn’t find the time to go through all of my stuff.  Having you there to help me sort through everything motivated me to get rid of things I don’t really need.  I’m so much more relaxed in  my kitchen now!” —Jen H., Acton

"I’m so excited that I finally let you into my home to help me declutter.  I was so worried  about someone seeing my mess that I just kept putting it off.  I know I have a lot more work to do, but now I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!" —G. N., Weston, MA

"Thank you for your presentation last night at our Sponsor Appreciation Night.  You were entertaining, engaging and provided lots of helpful information on organizing, shopping and accessorizing!  We received positive feedback from the attendees, and you even did a great job including the few men in the audience.  Everyone had a great time." —Cil C., Maynard

"Michelle helped me to design new outfits from pieces I already have and we created a list of things to buy in order to fill in the gaps. While friendly and easy to talk with, she is professional--positive, complimentary, and tactful.  "Shopping my own closet" was so productive with Michelle on the job.  Service oriented, she also supported a charitable community organization in which I am involved." —Susan H., Sudbury

"Michelle, thank you so much for the help in my closet and the great advice. I started my new job this week and felt so confident!! And better than that shopping is so much easier now. Who needs Stacy & Clinton when you can have Michelle from Infinite Ensembles!!! —Ann V., Newburyport

"I was in need of a couple outfits for the holiday season. When I first met with Michelle of Infinite Ensembles, she made a point to understand my personal style, then she assessed what I already owned to identify what was needed. Michelle has so much energy and passion that shopping was actually fun. She encouraged me to try things that I may have not had the confidence to wear. I am delighted with my purchases, and since Michelle worked with the basic pieces I owned, I didn't have to break the bank. Thanks Michelle!" —Heidi B., Sudbury

"Thank you Michelle Gopen Deitel and Infinite Ensembles, for helping me find an amazing BCBG dress, marked down from $268 to $40 (wouldn't normally talk about price but I wouldn't have found this without you!) You are great to shop with, you know what to look for and where to look for it, and you certainly keep our individual style (and budget) in mind while helping us find just what we need. Thank you!!" —Kerri T., Sudbury (originally posted at http://www.facebook.com/InfiniteEnsembles)

"Just wanted to write a quick "thank you" for talking me off the fashion-ledge this week! I've been stressing so much over what to wear to an event this coming weekend and having you there to give opinions & fashion advice was so incredibly helpful!" —Jen C. (originally posted at http://www.facebook.com/InfiniteEnsembles)

"I have worked with Michelle on a couple of different occasions and highly recommend her services. Michelle helped get our house ready to put on the market by making the closets look spacious and organized. She also helped me weed through years of accumulated clothing and only keep what I looked stylish and that I would wear. Lastly, she helped me put together some ensembles for a business trip. For this she did personal shopping, returned unwanted choices, and worked to make my existing wardrobe work with just a few additional pieces. I look forward to working with Michelle in the future as we downsize to even smaller closets! I know that with her help, it will all work out and I'll look better than ever. If you have any project involving closets, fashion, or clothing - hire her - you won't be sorry." —Chris D, Sudbury (originally posted at http://sudbury.patch.com/listings/infinite-ensembles)

"Michelle, thank you so very much for helping me purge and reorganize my closet!  I feel so much better every day now that my closet is not weighed down by clothes that do not fit or I never wore!  You have simplified my days and I really appreciate it!  Many thanks & kindest regards, Alyssa A, Southboro 

"My husband and son were oohing and ahhing over the closet. It has inspired them too!  Thanks!" —Chris D, Sudbury
"Shopping with Michelle was faster and more fun than shopping with my family. In just 3 hours we found several flattering pieces to create dozens of outfits. One thing I learned is you have to try something on to know if it will look good on you or not. I was really surprised to find out that I look good in styles I usually would have thought wouldn't flatter my figure. Having Michelle's expertise made me feel more confident and open to trying pieces I would not have usually tried." —Sarah  Age 16 LS Sophomore "I was happy that Michelle knew exactly what styles would work with Sarah's body type.  I've learned how to dress myself, but my daughter is so different!  When she shops with me, she picks out things that might not be appropriate for all the events coming up (church events, presentations and college interviews) but when I made suggestions, Sarah thought they were all too conservative.  Michelle helped us bridge that gap by finding clothes that are appropriate and fun and appeal to Sarah.  I also liked that Michelle was willing to "make the rounds" at all of the affordable places to help us find quality pieces and still stay on our budget" —Sarah's Mom
"I went on a whirlwind shopping excursion with Michelle to find the perfect outfit for a holiday party.  She found me an amazing top and we just needed to seal the deal with a fabulous pair of jeans.  Luckily, after trying on about 10 jeans, she got me to consider something out of my comfort zone --"skinny" jeans.  I typically buy wide length jeans so this was definitely new for me -- however, they have quickly become my favorite jeans!  They fit me like a glove and flatter just as well.  I can pair them with any sweater or top -- they are the ultimate in comfort and fashion!!" —Teleia F., Sudbury

"If you want to be sure that the outfit you buy for a special occasion is truly special, then bring Michelle shopping with you!  Michelle knows fashion and fit and she'll be sure that the outfit that you buy is both fashionable and flattering.  Michelle made dress shopping for a wedding a painless experience.  She was honest and kind and knew exactly what type of style would be most flattering for me, and in no time at all we picked out the perfect dress.  Thank you, Michelle!" —Stephanie S., Framingham

"Michelle revitalized my wardrobe, and I didn't even need to go shopping! She has such a great fashion sense that we achieved success from her shopping my closet instead. I had been in a rut, morning after morning staring at the closet, convinced that I had nothing to wear.  Michelle came to my house and reviewed the contents of my closet. She was very organized in how she presented outfit ideas, even providing pictures of the outfits so I could remember them. More importantly, she brought a lot of passion and excitement to the process, suggesting outfits and accessories I had never thought to put together (and she suggested supplemental items/accessories I could pick up in the future). She was warm and supportive, and I felt very comfortable following her suggestions. And they were all great! Since our meeting, I've been dressing better and feel happier and more confident as a result. I would highly recommend Michelle. Her eye for fashion, her creativity in reenergizing my wardrobe, her friendly personality, and strong desire to help people make her a pleasure to work with. “ —Susan L., Sudbury

Who knew I had so many great outfits hiding out in my own closet?!! What a great closet consultation this afternoon...so glad we shopped my closet first....and even more excited about filling in the gaps! Thanks, Michelle, and Infinite Ensembles! —Kristy B., Sudbury

"Michelle helped me purge my closet which was a chore I just never seemed to get around to- maybe that is why I felt like I never had anything to wear.  She was honest yet thoughtful when recommending items that needed to go and really helped me say farewell to clothes that I had for years and never saw the light of day.  She cares more if something looks good on you and actually flatters your shape then being uber focused on what is in style as that can change monthly. She is friendly and attentive to what you need and the look you are trying to capture.  The great thing is that she frequents TJ Maxx, Marshalls and Nordstrom Rack so you know she is looking to save you money without sacrificing style. Of course, she is willing to go to any store to find what you need.
Thanks Michelle!" —Rebecca F., Sudbury

"Michelle, thank you again for your presentation to our WSCMMOTA (twins club) last Fall!  It was informative and fun and we continue to hear positive feedback from our members about it!  I've still been enjoying the huge difference you've made in my closet!  
With many thanks —Alyssa A., WSCMMOTA Programs Chair

"Thanks so much for everything.  Packing and shipping my clothes ahead will now be so easy and stress-free.  Now I can concentrate on my workshop...and not stress over the packing." —Chris D.